Who We Are

  • Suzanne Vellacott-Collins


Suzanne serves as the President of SCG. She founded SCG in March 1992 and is responsible for managing daily operations of the company.  She served as the Director of Security and Special Access Program Security Manager for TITAN Corporation, TITAN Applications Group, from May 1984 until November 1991, and as the Special Security Officer for Intergraph Corporation from September 1981 until May 1984.  Suzanne’s extensive training and practical application have made her a recognized industry authority in contractor – government classified relationships and in all aspects of non-confrontational investigative, interview and elicitation processes. 

  • Don Navarini 

Senior Supply Chain and Operations Director

Don provides SCG with 38 years of corporate aerospace and defense leadership experience in contracts and subcontracts, domestic/international negotiations, business development, and proposal subject matter expertise drawn from a career at Lockheed Martin Space in supply chain management.  He is a subject matter expert in all aspects of subcontracts management and has extensive negotiations experience in high value subcontracted efforts for complex systems and subsystems for all contract types. He works closely with the SCG President and her leadership team in developing and growing supply chain expertise for SCG customers and related support with the new and evolving Federal cybersecurity requirements for subcontractors and their sub-tiers. Don earned his Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Finance) from Santa Clara University and a Master of Science Degree in Systems Management (Systems Technology and Management of Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation) from the University of Southern California.   Don and his team have the ability to work in closed environments.  His business focus is in the Western United States.

  • Ed Collins

Ed serves as a Senior Security Specialist for SCG. He specializes in conducting in-depth pre-screen interviews and assisting our clients with determining candidate clearance eligibility.  Ed joined SCG in 1994 after a twenty-five-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency. His experience as an Area Security Officer, coupled with extensive security clearance, adjudication, appeal, and investigative knowledge, and polygraph processes provides an exceptional level of expertise on personnel security matters.

  • ​Melissa Swick

Melissa joined SCG in 2011. In her role as a Senior Security Specialist, she specializes in matters of personnel security in both the DOD and Intelligence Communities, to include clearance actions, reporting responsibilities, briefings and clearance maintenance. In addition to personnel security, Melissa has years of experience with obtaining and maintaining facility clearances in the NISP. Melissa brings to SCG previous CIA employment history and years of experience in training, personnel management, and call center management.

  • Chris Collins

Chris joined SCG in 2016 assisting in matters of personnel security for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities. His primary areas of expertise include processing clearance crossovers, badge renewals, and initial clearance requests, briefing personnel for foreign travel, and maintaining the SIMS database. Chris has 10 years of experience in training, sales, and personnel management and he also serves in volunteer positions for a non-profit organization.

  • Meghann Ferguson

Meghann joined SCG in 2017 bringing substantial experience working with Clients in the DOD, DHS, and DOE space. Well-versed in both the personnel and facility security life cycle processes, Meghann enjoys helping companies start and/or enhance their current security programs and recently served as a mentor for new FSO’s as part of a Defense Security Service (DSS) pilot program.

  • Anna Thorsness

Anna joined SCG in 2018 providing part-time support to the company as she pursues her Criminology degree at the University of South Florida. Her primary areas of expertise include graphic art, website design, and special projects assigned by the SCG President.​

  • ​​​Dawn Thorsness

Dawn provides SCG with 25 years of aerospace and defense systems experience in aviation contracting, international negotiations, quality management systems, missile defense, business development, and proposal support drawn from Boeing, SAIC, and Lockheed Martin.  She has advised large organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits in implementing an operating structure, roles and responsibilities, program reviews, and quality management systems. Dawn earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University and is a member of the Washington State Bar Association.​​